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The Ultimate Compact Keyboard! The ThinkPad USB Keyboard features an elegant, ultra slim design with the same low profile keys found on the legendary ThinkPad keyboard. This one-of-a-kind keyboard lets you save valuable desk space and is the perfect complement to your ThinkPad in the office or at home.Legendary ThinkPad keyboard look and feel Low profile, ergonomic design Integrated TrackPoint, no external mouse required! Spill resistant design Function (Fn) key provides access to variety of ThinkPad features Red backlit buttons for volume and microphone mute Volume up/down keys 3 year warranty Compatible with Windows® XP & Windows Vista™


Product Title: Lenovo USB Keyboard with TrackPoint - US English

Manufacturer: Lenovo

Lowest Price: CAD$59.99 from Lenovo

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I love this keyboard

I have used this type keyboard for 14 years. I love the Trackpoint. Now what are we to do, it won't work with Windows 7. If anyone knows how to make this work with 7 please please let me know.

By mike444 on LENOVO - Nov 6, 2010

Workaround for sticky shift problem.

I recently bought this Thinkpad USB keyboard with trackpoint (55Y9003). It is good except the famous annoying “sticky shift” problem: the shift key does not restore to normal state after you physically release the shift keys, and thus you will always get “YOu” but not “You”, and other words like that. Before I bought this keyboard, I knew this problem, and I just have not found a...
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By steadycookie on LENOVO - Oct 30, 2010

good keyboard

this is an improvement over the previous version. 1. no more touch pad to avoid random movement of moues (trackpoint is much better anyway). 2. one windows key added. 3. one right-click key added. 4. Esc key was enlarged and moved along the F1 row just like a regular keyboard. i know some people criticized this as a departure from the traditional thinkpad keyboard. i don't use thinkpad. this...
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By crocea on LENOVO - May 29, 2010

Nice trackpoint keyboard

I was very leery of this keyboard after reading about the sticky Shift problems; alas the one I got (s/n 00-367-049 ordered here 3 weeks ago) does not have the problem, at least not under Linux (RHEL 5.x), so have to rate it excellent. There is some mixed evidence out there on this and I agree Lenovo needs to come clean on what the deal is - certain USB hub incompatibility, bad batch, what ? This...
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By feek on LENOVO - May 28, 2010

Keyboard rocks

Strengths: Keyboard/peripherals, integrated pointer mouse

Weakness: no dedicated number pad

I bought this about 2 months ago and wish I would have done so years earlier. Having owned Thinkpad laptops for over 10 years I'm a big fan of having the mouse integrated as a pointer in the keyboard. It saves so much time and reduces hand fatigue. I have not had any performance issues like I read online before making the purchase (and I'm fairly quick typer) and I'm running Windows 7. it's also...
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By jelarv on LENOVO - May 27, 2010

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