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Great LCD monitor,

Strengths: Breathtaking vivid 21.6" widescreen. Looks great too.

Weakness: None.

This LCD monitor is absolutely stunning. Photos look superb. Videos are great. For some the 5 ms reponse time may be inadequate, but for me it is good enough. I have previously owned a 17 inch LCD monitor from Samsung and it is still going strong. I expect the same reliability and durability from this monitor too. Also, I did not find any dead pixels in the monitor.

By bsvasan - Jul 16, 2007

Very Nice Monitor

Strengths: Picture Quality

Weakness: None

I bought this monitor from a local store. It looked good but had a stuck pixel in the middle of the screen. I could not get it unstuck using software.

So, I replaced the monitor with another new one that has worked great so far. Picture Quality is good. I was initially going to buy the 226BW for almost the same price but the issues with various panel makers steered me away. No such issue with the 216BW.

By khaled12 - Dec 3, 2007

Very nice monitor from a well known brand.

Strengths: Design- looks very nice and built well. Specifications. Mine came with no dead or stuck pixels. Length of warranty.

Weakness: No height adjustment. Not able to display 1080. No HDMI input.

Brought this monitor for my son and I to play exclusively with the Xbox 360. Out the box, the monitor was a breeze to set up, although I did need to pay the extra for a cable to hook up my xbox to the VGA input.

Turning it on revealed no dead or stuck pixels, always a plus. Picture did take some adjustment and fine tuning to display widescreen correctly (part of the image was off-screen and needing moving via the controls), and to get contrast/brightness how I like it.

My son and I only really play Halo 2/3 on this, so don't really have anything other than that to go by, but it works VERY well and displays a very nice image. The only complaint I have is the viewing angle, but knowing this was not a high-end panel, I came to expect that and knew my son and I would always be looking straight on at the image anyhow.

Monitor prices are dropping fast and I'm not sure where prices are at right now, but at the time, the price I paid was good and this comes recommended.

By gazrcom - Nov 28, 2007

Slick and Shiny great monitor!

Strengths: 3000:1 contrast ratio really brings out the colors 5ms response time is plenty fast to play games no fading on the edges. bright colors and deep blacks.

Weakness: none.

for .4 in less than 22 in. models, this monitor is a real bargain. The design is awesome in my opinion. you'll find the specs on this monitor outclasses most others in its price range, yet it's made by Samsung!!!
Great monitor all around, definitely recommend it!

By k1jin - Sep 10, 2007

Stylish LCD monitor for the price

Strengths: Pre-set viewing settings, fast response time, looks really nice.

Weakness: Stand not height adjustable.

This is a great monitor for the price. At 21.6" it has a similar viewable area as a 22" monitor (most people would be hard pressed to notice the 0.4" difference). The styling of this monitor is very nice. The sleek glossy bezel resembles that of many current HDTVs and there is a rear cover to hide the monitor and power cables. The 5ms response time is more than adequate for the games I play (F.E.A.R., Serious Sam 2, Titan Quest, Jade Empire). One of the things I really like is the pre-set view settings of the monitor, which gives you pre-set contrast-brightness-color selections without you having to tweak each individual setting. I usually use the Internet setting as this gives me the best balance of brightness during the day without blinding me at night.

If the stand were height adjustable, then this would be the perfect monitor for me, but considering the price, style, functionality, and features, I can't really complain.

By findude - Jul 30, 2007

Very Good quality LCD Monitor

Strengths: High contrast, bright, 5 ms response, very stylish design

Weakness: Base is a little flimsy, viewing angles slightly skewed

I was able to pick this up for 224.99 after a price match. I don't think I've seen a better quality monitor at this price.

I had read about the bluish hue on this when you first start it up. It comes pre-set with a "Cool" setting which does accentuate the blues. A quick change to the "Warm" setting had this monitor giving me the spot on color I had with my Dell 1905FP. It has outstanding contrast and brightness which makes text and graphics on web pages very clear and easy to read. Pictures and video never looked better. Windows Vista was able to download a color profile specifically for the 216BW and install it on my monitor, printer and scanner so everything is in sync.

People have complained that the stand is not height adjustable but it's a perfect height for my desk. One problem that this monitor has is the viewing angle. The picture changes (brightness/contrast) depending on where your head and eyes are situated. It's not a huge annoyance, but you can definitely notice a slight increase or decrease in the brightness/contrast of what you're looking at.

* I recently went back to the store where I purchased this and found that many of the larger sized monitors have this same problem. It just wasn't an issue with my previous monitor.*

Overall, I'm extremely satisfied with my purchase of this monitor. You can't beat it for the price, performance and stylish appearance.

By jammerpa - Aug 2, 2007

Great Monitor

Strengths: fast response time, high contrast,no reflections, menus are nice and preset settings for differnet viewing situations, nice looking design

Weakness: little bleeding at the top, no support for lower 16:10 res

No Dead Pixels, the bleeding is not that bad only can notice it during 16:9 movies with slight black lines at the top and bottom, I have two windows in my room and it doesnt reflect at all, great durning games and hd movies and its a nice design to look at too. the 21.6 is just as big as a 22. i measured 21.5 viewing size, the only thing that really bothered me was i called samsung to make sure that i would be able to run lower widescreen res with this monitor and i was told i could. nothing else other than 1680x1050@60 is in the manual i was hoping to use 1440x900 on games but its not supported

By banshee; - Aug 10, 2007


Strengths: size

Weakness: text quality, setup requirements, etc.

I was encouraged by other reviews to purchase this monitor. I have been very disappointed with that decision. First of all if you don't install their Magic Tune software you can forget about seeing anything with even remote clarity. With the software installed the presets available do not provide much improvement. I had to spend several hours using the color calibration tool to get what I will admit is an acceptable image quality, but even after spending all of that time I still cannot find a setting that gives even respectable text quality. It is a considerable strain on the eyes to try and read text with this monitor, which is quite unfortunate considering that's what you spend most of your time doing on a computer, well at least I do. I have even found that there are some regions on the screen where the text is even more blurry, i.e. there's not even consistent blurriness.

I bought this monitor to replace a 19" CRT monitor that died. I much preferred the picture quality of that CRT monitor to this one. I, also, have a 19" widescreen AOC LCD monitor on another computer at home that has much better quality straight out of the box, and I use a 20" widescreen Dell LCD monitor at work that also has much better quality straight out of the box.

I cannot reconcile my experience with this monitor with other's who have posted reviews here, but I can tell you that from my perspective I don't recommend wasting your money on this monitor.

By cwol; - Nov 28, 2007

Beautiful Monitor

Strengths: Huge screen, stylish and great colors

Weakness: As everyone has said its the stand which can't be adjusted with height

Samsung 216BW is an excellent LCD monitor for an affordable price. Beautiful, Stylish screen with excellent color rendition and great for editing photos and videos. For playing games its more than adequate for me since I don't really use for very fast games. Overall its an excellent monitor for a very cheap price. Samsung makes better panels than any body else. Overall I am very happy for choosing this monitor.

By sunnyoc - Nov 27, 2007


Strengths: Picture quality great, looks good

Weakness: Slight light bleed at top/bottom on a black screen, but not noticeably in general use

I replaced an old (failing) 19" CRT monitor with this and I've been delighted with the results. Colors pop and text is very clear and legible. It's a good size without being overpowering, and comes at a good price point. I wish I'd got one sooner!

By Baldrick - Nov 10, 2007

Nice monitor

Strengths: Very Stylish piano finish black bazel 5ms response time not to mention plenty of real estate for all your windows

Weakness: None - I like my monitor

I picked up this monitor on sale price and I had not seen other 22 in(almost) monitor at same price. Now there were some deals but only deal pro's can get hold of those. This is a very nice monitor. I am no gamer so my experience is strictly related to work. I have home office and use this monitor 10 hours a day - matter of fact right now.

I use it once in a while to watch movies as well and response time is nice.

I like Samsung for monitors and TVs so did not hesitate to buy this and I do not have buyers remorse either.

By gpiyush - Sep 19, 2007

Quality Monitor

Strengths: WIDE-More real estate means better views and better gaming! Comes with good rebate excellent warranty

Weakness: Not really a weakness, but unlike its predecessor the 226BW, the 216BW doesn't come with the manufacturer lettering on the back of the panel (A, S, C).

Overall, this was an excellent purchase from me-not only is the display crisp and the bezel beautiful, but the monitor is so sleek when it comes to options, such as Samsung's Magictune software. The colors are vibrant, colorful and just absolutely stunning. For gaming, this receives top notches-I see so much more now in games like Counter-Strike: Source and Battlefield 2, that its not even funny. If you find a good deal on this monitor, get it.

By Drunkentig3r - Aug 30, 2007

Very Stylish Monitor

Strengths: nice looking, bright, great color quality. no blacklight bleeding as others report.

Weakness: text gets jagged from an angle, but who cares?

This monitor is outstanding. There are 22" monitors out there that can be had for as low as $180, but those pale in comparison to the quality of this samsung. It's extremely bright at default, so you'll probably have to lower it quite a bit otherwise you'll go blind. The frame is piano black and it's simply amazing. Colors are great once you install and adjust with the software included. Bonus, comes with a DVI cable.

By adonis403 - Aug 22, 2007


Strengths: Very Stylish Piano Black Finish Vibrant Colors

Weakness: Default settings very bright

This is an excellent LCD panel. The screen is very bright and has excellent colors. The resolution of 1680x1500 is just perfect for this screen size. It works well with both movies and games.

I did notice a little white light bleeding through on the edges of the screen, but its very minor. Overall, I'm very pleased with this LCD.

By tejesh83 - Aug 17, 2007