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The ViewSonic VX2025WM is well worth the money!

Strengths: Excellent quality and performance, good price

Weakness: Lacking bells & whistles compared to other monitors in its class, speakers

Being a programmer I relish monitor real estate but my bad vision doesn't help. I was looking for at least a 20" LCD. For me anything larger than 23" is not worth it. I wanted to get a monitor for my Dell Inspiron 9300 notebook but I wasn't sure it could handle the resolution. The VX2025WM's 1680x1050 resolution is no problem for the ATI MOBILITY RADEON X300 video card.

I have to admit that my notebook is a 17" widescreen and my desktop is running a 20" ViewSonic CRT. So there wasn't too much of a "WOW!" factor with this new monitor except for the widescreen aspect.

When I was comparing the VX2025WM to its competitors this one seemed to be lacking the pivoting between portrait and landscape modes, height adjustment, pixel scaling, and so on. These features would be nice to have but I couldn't justify to myself that they be mandatory. I'm glad I gave those things up for a quality monitor at a great price. I purchased this at a local CompUSA because I didn't want to deal with mail order returns. Plus they had a sale and rebate.

No dead pixels, bright, DVD's look great, everything is crisp (I've only used the DVI connection). My eyes highly recommend the VX2025WM!

By Anonymous - May 12, 2006

Excellent 20

Strengths: Great Color Contrast, bright screen, fast response

Weakness: No Height adjustment

The contrast and color are quite even across the screen, text is sharp on the edges and in the middle. Deep Blacks and bright colors.

Screen size is 10.2 x 17.1 inches.
Regular 19" LCD is 11.8 x 14.7 inches.
So its 1.5" shorter top to bottom and 2.4 inches wider.

Widescreen is the future. HDTV is 16x9; Widescreen PC is usually 16x10 to allow for more document scrolling. Viewing widescreen DVDs still shows a small bad on top and bottom, but its much better than the 4:3 ratio of older TVs and monitors. Bottom line is that if you watch movies and play games on your PC, the best bet is to get a widescreen LCD.
This model is the best for price/performance ratio.

By amurrayxyz - May 5, 2006

VX 2025wm

Strengths: This monitor is absolutely beautiful. The colors are vibrant, the size is very pleasant with the widescreen.

Weakness: Must have gotten one that was in stock a while because the adobe manual was version 4?? I downloaded the drivers from Viewsonic

I first experienced a widescreen when I got my HP notebook. When I started looking for a desktop monitor I pretty much knew I wanted a widescreen. I was very impressed with the viewable area. I had a regular 19" LCD and this one really makes a big difference. Others had mentioned the lack of height adjustment. I have never had a monitor with a height adjustment and haven't felt the need to adjust. I would think if you needed, you could get a stand or something if you need it.

I have not tried to connect the speaker wires since I had a speaker system on my desktop already but might try connecting them somehow. Wouldn't expect much from them tho, after all it's a monitor not a sound device.

The tech I spoke with was sort of a "dud" when I called about the CD possibly having old drivers since the Adobe Acrobatfile that had the manual on it was version 4.0. He directed me to the viewsonic website where I downloaded and installed them.

One thing I would advise any newbie is to be sure their video card supports the 1680 x 1050 resolution. Mine did, but I had forgotten to check. I got it the cheapest at Buy.Com for $389.95 and had a $15 coupon I found at another website. Also, if you use the Buy.Com charge card you get another 3% off the price. So I ended up spending about $363 or so. I had been looking at the Samsung's who make a terrific monitor but could not afford anything of theirs that I liked. I am very satisfied with this one especially for the price and the quality. It has a 3 year warranty. All in all, I would highly recommend it. I don't know how it would be for a "gammer" but I am not one. It is beautiful for everything I use it for. I haven't fiddled with any of the adjustments yet. Now I have to figure out what to do with this other monitor I have :) I know some people use 2 monitors but I don't know what they use them for.

By 6607peach - Apr 25, 2006

Superior LCD at a reasonable price

Strengths: Text clarity, color reproduction, viewing angles, P-MVA panel

Weakness: Some "X" pattern backlight bleeding on totally black screen, lack of adjustments on stand, basic connections

First off, this is an excellent LCD monitor regardless of the price. The text clarity is the best that I have seen and the colors are vibrant. Plenty bright too. Very good quality display.

There are a few minor weaknesses. Mine has backlight bleeding in the corners on a totally black screen. Only noticeable when viewing movies. The stand is sturdy and keeps the monitor very steady but it can only tilt forward and back. There are only analog and DVI (no HDCP) connections but this is all that the majority of people will require.

All of the weaknesses combined are insignificant when compared to the overall quality of the display.

When you consider the above points and the fact that this monitor can easily be found for slightly over $400 and sometimes less, it's easy to come the the conclusion that this LCD is a good value.

By wonkman1 - Apr 5, 2006

Great 20

Strengths: High quality display at a great price

Weakness: Weak speakers. No height adjustment.

I bought this monitor last week for my home office. The $350 price is great for a 20" P-MVA panel monitor. Both VGA and DVI cables are included in the package. I use the DVI connection for my main desktop computer and the VGA input for the KVM switch that connects a couple other computers. Both analog and digital displays work fine with very vivid colors and sharp text. It also looks great playing my DVD movies.

I work with computers many hours a day and I am totally happy with this monitor. It would be a great choice for people who do not care for extra features such as TV input, USB ports, and height adjustable stand.

By bgfan - May 8, 2006

VX2025WM Black/Silver 20.1" LCD Monitor

Strengths: Easy to install, great colors, no dead pixels.

Weakness: No hight adgustments, the manual has lack of info about the product.

Connected it via DVI, installed drivers from the CD and enjoyed it working in a few minutes. The display is very bright, sharp and very well made.Didn't find any dead pixels so far. No ghosting.
I didn't try built-in speakers yet and probably won't as I have a good enough external sound system.
Cannot find how to get into manual adjustments, that option in the settings is not active. Probably it can be done using some included software. Will take time to figure it out, I'm sure it is possible.
Played a wide screen DVD movie and looked at my digital photos. The images this monitor delivers are like real. The manual is not rich in information, especially related to the calibration.
Overall, I love this monitor!

By aburnin - Mar 30, 2006

Choosing monitor in Viewsonic 20.1” family

Strengths: Premium MVA matrix with perfect colors, viewing angles, contrast, antiglare coating and very good white balance. No dead subpixels, attractive design.

Weakness: No height adjustment, no USB hub

If you are choosing monitor in Viewsonic 20.1" family among VX2025, VX2035, VX2045, VG2030 you should know that only VX2025 is equipped with pMVA matrix. VX2035, VX2045 and VG2030 (and also VG2230 and VX2235) use new and improved but TN-type matrix. So taking into consideration that the price of these 20.1" models is about the same VX2025 is definitely the best choice. pMVA matrix is the best choice for viewing movies. And also VX2025 is very good for work with graphics. On behardware they found that speed of this 8ms MVA is even better than of 5ms Samsung 204B (TN).
If you want to compare VX2025 with monitors of other brands I recommend you to read these very good reviews:

By MxLeod - Nov 22, 2006

Very good display

Strengths: Great price!!

Weakness: i could of done without the speaker.. but no biggy at all!

The moniter is great!! I am really happy with my purchase. No dead pixels and it looks pretty good.
You will not be dissapointed.
I read some reviews before i got it, and it seems like everyone likes it also.

By fuss310; - Apr 16, 2006

This monitor is brighter and has...

Strengths: Very bright! Great contrast, Hidden cables, No dead pixles, Power supply built in (no funky box on my power strip)

Weakness: No height adjustment, speakers I didn't need, slight white X pattern on full black screen.

This monitor is brighter and has more contrast than the Samsung (with the same specs) that I compared it to. I actually have the brightness turned down some so that I am not blinded by white pages.

I finally found a use for my Calculus is under my monitor ;)...I might ditch the stand and hang it on my wall.

I see no ghosting, don't miss the rotate feature, and having the cables hidden in the stand cleans up my desktop.

By TriagedAtGmail; - May 27, 2006

Quality Product from a Reliable Company

Strengths: Viewsonic reputation and quality Excellent specs and connectivity

Weakness: Lack of height adjustment

Viewsonic has been in the industry for quite a while, but this has been our first purchase with this company. In the past viewsonic products had a wonderful reputation for quality but their price points were significantly higher then their competitors. This monitor offers truly excellent quality and performance for the price. The colors look superior the the planar 17" lcd monitor it replaces and comes with the option of vga or dvi. Perhaps someday they may ad hdmi, but the visual quality is quite superb. Sound on the other hand is ok if you are desperate or do not have your own speaker system. The design is nice since the bezel isnt too thick, although the dells have thinner ones. Form and function do come together and the 8ms response times delivers great graphics without noticeable blurr or ghosting. I'm lucky to not have had any problems withe dead or stuck pixels so I cannot comment on their customer service. All in all, I'm very happy with this purchase.

By customervalued - Apr 8, 2006

This is one of item I was looking for compared to Dell 2005FPW

Strengths: All around nice monitor and it is especially good if you use the native mode

Weakness: Can't think any compared to Dell 2005FPW having a bad back light bleed.

I will be enjoying this so much after having Dell 2005FPW problems. I was looking for 20" LCD for awhile and this is the best (not the best, but considering price and performance) I can see it right now.

I am not sure if you can really say this is the best 20" LCD, but for the price and performance, this is better than average value.

By eyedol911 - Mar 24, 2006

Great display for the price

Strengths: Great image quality across the entire screen; good performance.

Weakness: Only VGA/DVI connectors; no height adjust; no USB hub;

I got this monitor two days ago to replace a 17" Viewsonic P-Series CRT. I see a bit of flicker in video playback I haven't seen before but that could be my GF6600GT video card. Also a bit of screen-door effect (light areas) in the corners when viewing pure-black screen. Overall a supurb monitor.

I played several hours of Halo, Fable and Ultima Online and the large wide screen makes these environments look fantastic. On the desktop you get tons of workspace with the 1680x1050 resolution. Text can be a bit small and difficult to read but it's quite sharp.

I can't speak for longevity but so far I'd totally recommend this display.

By demerson; - Mar 7, 2006

Good Value

Strengths: Very bright

Weakness: Large footprint

Overall this LCD monitor is a great buy. The sharp resolution and screen size makes this attractive for the serious user, although people on a budget may opt for a smaller LCD, as the price will be lower. You can go wrong with this item.

By thebigdon - Jun 5, 2006

nice picture but the lack of height adjustment weakens it

Strengths: very clear and bright.

Weakness: no height adjustment, the speaker kind if looks ugly.

it's easy to set up right out of box. i used the dvi connection and it is very clear and bright. i really don't like the speaker in the middle because it looks ugly and i dont use it. i rather use my other 5.1 speakers. i bet viewsonic would've lowered the price if they made these without speakers.

By nikehz - Mar 24, 2006

Great Monitor

Strengths: Great image quality and very fast response

Weakness: No height adjustment

This monitor has a great display and the controls are easy to use, once you find out how. You will understand the benefits of 8ms response time especially while playing games. It only took a couple minutes to unpack, plug-in, and set-up.

I am satisfied with this monitor.

By abakben - Jun 13, 2006


Strengths: Beautiful colors, sharp, bright

Weakness: backlight bleeding on top right.

This was my first LCD and I am glad I bought it. The text on it is very sharp compared to my older CRT. The colors look so much better on this LCD too. I like now the widescreen resolution allows me to use 2+ windows simultaneously. I don't think I can ever go back to 4:3 aspect ratio again.

I also like the cable management option behind the LCD.. no more ugly cables running all over my desk! The LCD is quite sturdy, but wobbles sometimes when I hit the desk.

I noticed a little backlight bleeding on the top right corner when watching movies... However, that might be just a problem on my LCD. It's not a major issue so I didn't bother to exchange it.

By bacteriophage - Jun 21, 2006

A terrible company to deal with

Strengths: N/A

Weakness: Terrible, no more words to say on this.

This is a terrible experience. I was totally fooled by the ratings of this product.
I bought this product last August and in just 8 month it turns defect. What is more, since it is in Warranty and I talked to them and obviously our purchasing department is not happy with their solution of fix it but requires us to pay all shipping. The Viewsonic consumer department supervisor hung up the phone even during the call with our perchaing department head. Whow, How can you deal with a company like this! I think things might change later on because we are a big business and we have a team to work on this type of things. I can hardly imagine a person can deal in this situation.
My supervisor told me just to junk the VX2025WM and buy another company product and wipe VIEWSONIC off our purchasing list. Find more on and judge on yourself. Sometimes this happens. LCD is getting so cheap but I hope this is not on the sacrifice of quality.


By ChrisZhang - Apr 12, 2007


Strengths: Decent size and semi-widescreen

Weakness: EXTREME amount of white bleeding edges that grows larger every day. Very unacceptable with darker backgrounds, and a definate engineering and quality control problem. It's pricey for this low quality.

What else can be said? CRT vrs LCD monitors is always favorable for the former, and am suprised Viewsonic's QA is this bad for a new monitor with the white bleed through. This may also be an indication of short, "burn out" life span also. For the price, the white bleed throughs is completely unaaceptable, and RMA/warrenty with Viewsonic is as much a hassle and futile experience as with most manufacturers.

By anonymous; - Apr 9, 2007

VX2025VM - just awesome

Strengths: widescreen, internal power supply.

Weakness: cross-shaped backlight bleeding on a black screen, built-in speakers reverb with the volume turned up. Speakers turn off when the monitor goes to sleep mode.

Awesome quality for a laughable price - the monitor was on sale at BestBuy + they had a $30 rebate for orders placed on-line - 330 CDN was all I paid (before the infernal taxes, but that's another topic).

It may be that I'm noticing the performance jump because there really is a big one - my previous monitor was a 17" LCD from Dell and I had it for 4 years - but the increased viewing angles were very noticeable.

Pleasant surprise: No dead pixels on this one, though I was fully prepared to find one and have to fight the store to exchange it.

The built-in speakers are good enough as far as speakers go. They are perfectly fine for movie watching.

I usually listen to my music through headphones and having a headphone jack on the front panel would have been nice, but no biggie.

I did notice quite a bit of reverb when I started a game up on MAX loudness, which was not noticeable on my headphones. (The sound level was just as painful, but the sound itself was clearer.)

The picture clarity and brightness are very nice and the real estate available with widescreen is really usefull. I'm used to having two 17" monitors at work and the wide-screen is just as good for using two applications side by side; on top of that you can always maximize the screen of one application to use the whole screen width.

I see many reviewers making a point about the stand's height not being adjustable. I really do not see a fault with the height as it is, but my desk already has a built-in monitor stand. What would be nice is having the ability to rotate the monitor around to be able to watch movies from either side of the desk. The fact that all the wires can be hidden inside the stand is useful though.

So, I have, just barely, been able to come up with some things I'd have liked to be better, but they are minor. Again, awesome monitor for a laughable price. I highly recommend it.

As I use this more, I've come to become annoyed with the way the built-in speakers turn off the moment the monitor goes to sleep mode. I do not know if this is a problem for all monitors with built-in speakers, but as it is I have missed messages dropping in to my mailbox. Listening to music while away from the computer is harder too. I must rely on a screensaver, but it does not save electricity and monitor life quite as well.

By eh436 - Sep 15, 2006


Strengths: Widescreen, high res, DVI, colors, contrast, response time

Weakness: No height adjustment, no scaling options

This is an awesome LCD. I use it primarily for gaming and movies and am very satisfied with the picture quality. I noticed no lag in my games and the color look vibrant. The games look so much better on it now at higher resolution.

One major drawback of this LCD is that there is no scaling options in the LCD, so some games that don't support widescreen are stretched out spanning the entire LCD making it look ugly. Another minor problem is that it has no height adjustment, but that doesn't bother me a lot.

I would definitely recommend this LCD :)

By roggan - Jun 21, 2006

Great bang for buck ratio.

Strengths: Beautiful monitor great space saver.

Weakness: Speakers? Where's the mute button? Height adjustment would be nice.

Got mine for $379 plus tax, but the best part is I have to send for the $100 rebate whiich would make it an incredible buy for about $300.

What's with the 70's grade speakers? Could have left them out and given us an even lower price. These speakers are, at best, quite annoying so don't even buy into the multimedia promises on the box.

It took me a while to adjust to the new wide desktop format but once I got used to it I fell absolutely in lust. My old monitor was a Viewsonic 19" CRT and is more than years old and never had a problem with it, this one seems to be validate the quality I expect from this brand, though this would be for the visual aspect only.

By anonymous; - May 16, 2006

ViewSonic VX2025wm

Budget model doesn't have quite the screen quality or features of its peers--but it's easy to use, and its price is low.
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By PCWorld - Jun 9, 2006

Viewsonic VX2025WM

Viewsonic VX2025WM receives an overall TopTenREVIEWS score of 3.22 out of 4.00. It is ranked the #61 computer monitor of all time. The overall rating represents an intelligent balance of features, value as a function of price to features, and a summary of reviews from a variety of sources. The TopTen REVIEWS' formula gives a picture of important consumer features, market value, and a...
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