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I owned, loved, and replaced my...

Strengths: Low cost. Great features and performance (when it works).

Weakness: QUALITY. quality. QUALITY.

I owned, loved, and replaced my old "b"-band di-614+ with this "G"-band Xtreme di-624... and what a day and night difference.

I like it's performance and features but I found too much the hassle dealing with its problems.

Go do a Google search for "d-link di-624" and you should find and read from countless victims of this product.

It works great when it chooses to. But sometimes it just does not want to connect with the cable modem and therefore droping the internet connection. Or it just keeps restarting every few minutes like most users have complained. I have tried many different settings and loaded the newest firmware available from d-link website but the problems persist.

It also seemed that one must use a special "crash recovery" method to load the newest firmware (2.50). Normally, a couple reboots together with manual network cable disconnect/reconnect would make the router work again, but would not stop me from constantly turning my head to the modem to check for connection light.

I would spend a little more for a stable and worry-free router. I think paying consumers really want a stable and a worry-free, or in a worst case a fixable router. This is not and I do not recommend it.

By AlvinYap - Feb 24, 2005

My Favorite Router DLink AirPlus Xtreme, AKA DI-624+

Strengths: Reliability

Weakness: Wholesale cost, You can but it cheaper retail then wholesale. That's good for everyone else I guess...

I deal with many different routers every day. Working in on-site tech support this is the only one I recommend. I’ve seen them all. This one is the most consistent and reliable. I don’t try for 108 mbs. I just want to see it connect and stay connected. There are too many routers floating around that just don’t work. I replace them with the 624+ and often the troubles go away.

Many factors can screw up a wireless connection (cordless phones, etc). If you want a sure thing, run wires and use D-Link 604 (a good non-wireless router). If you must go wireless the 624+ is your safest best. Take it from a guy who spent the last five years troubleshooting every crappy router out there.



By groovybob - Oct 4, 2005

The only problems I have had with...

Strengths: Works well without problems.

Weakness: Set-up not quite as easy as it should be.

The only problems I have had with this router were in set-up. Be sure to download the latest firmware BEFORE you install the router. I tried to set mine up and it would not let me connect to the internet after the setup process. I tried taking it out of the system, but it had changed some settings in the setup process and I couldn't find the changes. I still could not access the internet even though I was connected directly to the cable modem. I downloaded the latest firmware from another computer and installed it. Everything then worked fine.

Do pay attention to the recommendations regarding placing the router. Initially, I placed mine on a shelf on my printer cart that was just under the printer and immediately adjacent to a file cabinet. This caused too much interference with the signal. I was having to reset the router every other day because the remote computer would lose signal. I then moved the router to the top of a bookshelf, up high and away from other electronics as recommended. Since then I have had absolutely no problems. I have had to reset the router once in the four month period since I moved it, and that was to reset the cable modem. I have high-speed internet anywhere in my house without problems.

To summarize, the product works great. Set-up can be a little difficult. Proper location of the router and the latest firmware are the keys to success. After that hurdle, it has been smooth sailing.

By hsimms - Apr 27, 2004

Have deployed 12 of these at small branch offices for 2 years

Strengths: Never had one failure yet out of 12 routers; any problems I have had is usually a problem that has nothing to do with the router.

Weakness: None

I work at a small non-profit. We have various branch offices scattered about. At each site one of these routers was deployed two years ago for pptp VPN pass-through connections to the main office. I have not yet had any kind of failure with a router. Whenever I think one of the routers may have a problem, I bring out a new one, take the old one home, and lo and behold there is no problem with the router. I have found that most of the problems I experience with the wireless are almost always interference issues from a 2.4GHz mobile phone or baby monitor nearby. That is why I am now moving on to dual-band routers. But for the typical home user, it should not be a problem.

By rewerbe - Dec 12, 2005

One of D-Link's reputable & redeeming models

Strengths: Atheros Super-G chip, easy to configure, WPA, works great with high volume traffic, good range, new firmware (revision 2.42) addresses resetting issue.

Weakness: Prev FW revisions caused the DI-624 to reset frequently. 2.4Ghz phones tend to interfere with wireless signal but this is a problem with a number of other routers as well.

After numerous firmware revisions, D-Link has finally worked out the kinks. I've had this router for more than a year now and have run into my share of problems. It was constantly resetting and would have difficulty grabbing an IP address from the DSL modem. However, after I upgraded to firmware rev2.42 all my problems were resolved. It's been running flawlessly for months now. Throughput is excellent, router has never crashed or reset due to heavy loads. Wireless range is above average with stock antenna (approx 35ft in an apartment with numerous walls and obstructions using a Netgear WG511 PCMCIA notebook adapter). Replaced existing antenna with a Hawking Tech high-gain omni-directional antenna. Considerable increase in range. Features are numerous and plenty for most SOHO users. Currently hooked up to PC Desktop & PowerMAC G4 via Cat5; Addt'l PC Desktop & laptop via WiFi (4 Total).

By szurheal - Feb 25, 2005

I brought this system the other...

Strengths: Easy to follow installations and instructions.

Weakness: Wireless connection does not consistently work reliably.

I brought this system the other day and I set it up with a private network consisting of a Toshiba notebook and PowerBook G4 notebook. I had the Toshiba connected directly to the router and the PowerBook G4 connected
wirelessly. The Toshiba worked fined but the wireless connection was not
reliable at all for the PowerBook G4. The wireless connection would work for one session and then stop working once the computer was shut down or restarted. The PowerBook G4 worked reliable only when it was directly connected to the router, making its wireless feature useless. I received poor technical support from D-link, but the staff were courteous. Yesterday, I immediately returned the product to the retailer. I plan to get a US Robotics wireless router and I would not recommend this product to anyone.

By jaeo - Jan 22, 2005

I purchased this router because of...

Strengths: Ease of configuration, but I'm a I.T. professional.

Weakness: Signal is horrible. Support is worse. Configuration utility causes signal loss.

I purchased this router because of previous experience with D-Link products. That was a mistake! This product does not perform as advertised!

The wired connections work well. The wireless connections are horrible. I was using the wireless connection with a laptop at only 12 ft away with a laptop using the DWL-G650 with the latest firmware and drivers on each. I rarely got a good signal and was mostly at a poor signal. The signal never got above 60%, even when I was just 5 ft away in the same room.

Several times I contacted customer support and each time someone suggested something different, but no suggestion was successful. After a month, my signal dropped completely and I couldn't connect at all. After all the failed attempts with support, I read several discussion lists where people had the same problems and more.

I then turned off the DWL-G650 config utility and finally got a signal. After that, the log on the router showed the connection reseting every few minutes. Some times the connection drops completely. Any time I fire up the config utility on my laptop, then signal drops.

I am using the same card on the same laptop at work, just going to a different brand wireless router, and get a great signal much further away than at home. I finally have ordered a different brand router for home and I'm anxiously awaiting it's arrival so I can kiss D-Link goodbye.

I hope your experience is better than mine, but I can't recommend this product to anyone. I would even feel guilty trying to sell it to someone. This is a weak product.

*** Update ***
I've been using a replacement, a US Robotics, and have been very pleased with the signal, which I've received across the street. It doesn't have the features as the D-Link had, but it works!

By xunilhr - Feb 25, 2004

I replaced another vendor's...

Strengths: Nothing stands out.

Weakness: Wireless stability, performance

I replaced another vendor's 802.11g hardware with the DI-624 and matching laptop card DWL-G650 in order to get 'Xtreme G' i.e. 108 Mbps performance. I also previously used a separate wireless access point and wanted to reduce devices by having the DI-624 do it all.

Bottom line - neither goal was accomplished.

The DI-624 rev C3 at firmware 2.50 won't maintain stable wireless performance when it's also being used as an Internet router. I've heard from others who have seen this problem. Occasionally the wireless gets so bad that the DI-624 must be rebooted, and that restores performance. If I use the 624 as an access point only (using a separate device as Internet router), then wireless performance is stable and no rebooting is needed.

I also move large files back and forth between wireless laptop and LAN-based server, and I get XtremeG performance (~30 Mbps after overhead) copying server-to-laptop, but max out at 10 Mbps when copying laptop-to-server. I had 15 Mbps laptop-to-server performance with the 802.11g hardware that I replaced.

D-Link tech support has been horrible. I'm accustomed to working through a set of basic troubleshooting steps with tech support, and I did that, but when those don't work they have very little left. The problem is that my hardware works well enough that they WILL NOT agree to RMA it and send me another so I can see if my example is a lemon. I'm left with having lodged a complaint with customer service but I don't expect anything to come of that.

By FreeFlyer - Jan 14, 2005

Don't waste your money

Strengths: provide lots of features

Weakness: you name it......

I got two DI-624 in one month. Both have the same problems. The connection dropped with no reasons. AIM, Games, download... it just lost the connection in few seconds. You connected it back. It dropped the connection in next few seconds. The time can not be set. It can never synchronized the NTP server. I set the time. It will change back to default with no reasons. I had other wired routers from D-link. I love those wired routers from D-LInk, but not wireless. Now, I can't even return to the store. SAD!

By Xtr3meN0013 - Apr 3, 2006

I have been in contact with Dlink...

Strengths: none

Weakness: wireless doesn't work and they still charge you

I have been in contact with Dlink about a defective wireless router since the time of purchase. The only way to keep the signal is to be in the same room as the wireless router which kind of defeats the purpose of a wireless router. When I have the laptop just down the hall a little ways, the connection will keep dropping even though just a second before it said the connection was excellent. When I open my wireless connections, my connection will be listed and in full signal strength, yet it won't connect to it when the router decides to act up.

I've had a Dlink router before this one and it worked great. This one is a lemon, yet Dlink will do nothing.

Since Dlink doesn’t honor their warranties, I will never purchase another Dlink product again.

By WMUboy - Nov 18, 2005

This DI-624 installs easy, works great but not for long..2-3 months

Strengths: Great software, easy install, good price

Weakness: Totally unreliable after 60 days, DLINK support terrible at best, RMA # are almost impossible to get, download updates do not fix signal strengths

I purchased the first unit and it installed and run like a dream for about 2 months, signal strength dropped, so I went and bought 3 DLINK antennaes to boost the signal, $200 later, I returned the unit and got another to replace it, ran like a dream for 2 weeks and then no signal. I have 3 DWL-G520 pci cards at $70 a pop bringing the total to over $ 400 and they all work great, now if I could only find a reliable router to go with it all. The problem with most reviews are the people who wrote the good reviews haven't had these routers long enough to write anything but a good review. Honestly, knowing what I know about wireless, pay to have yourself wired, it might just be more reliable and a lot less expensive to boot.

By intrepex - Mar 5, 2006

I have now owned 3 DI-624'S. The...



I have now owned 3 DI-624'S. The first one for 8 months, and no problems till a lightening strike fried it and my cable modem. I bought a new one, hooked it up the same way but didn't get good signal strength. After hours on the phone with tech support, they were able to increase my signal strength a little at the cost of my high speed data transfer. I told tech support my previous DI-624 had 100% signal to my wireless desktop and asked if I could have gotten a bad router, but they just talked around that possibility. Being unsatisfied I took the router back to the place of purchase and replaced it with a new DI-624. Now I have 100% signal strength again. For maximum transfer speed, buy the Extreme G pci or pc card.

By FLSTF13 - Sep 29, 2004

DI-624 Experience

Strengths: Cost; free call to tech support and low hold times;

Weakness: RELIABILITY!! Can't use 108 speed; incredibly poor tech support

I've owned this product for quite some time. Set up was relativeley easy. It worked great for about 1 year after that I've had multiple problems with it or the wireless card for my laptop. After about 1 year I couldn't connect my laptop to the internet. Tech supports answer was to disable the Extreme G mode. That worked but why pay for the extra speed when it isn't available? When I asked the tech support person they gave me no explanation what-so-ever. Every call to tech support seems to be a waste of time. Bottom line over the last two weeks the router looses a connection to the internet. The first time I was able to re-enter my username and password on the WAN page and it re-connected. This last time nothing works. Technical supports answer is to power down and power up the router and DSL modem which doesn't work. I'm tired of constantly having to "tinker" with this router/wireless card to make it work. I'm going to go purchase a LinkSys router.

By mochandler - Nov 28, 2005

I used to use a Netgear WGR614v2...

Strengths: Easy to install. Has great transmission strength at 54mbps.

Weakness: None.

I used to use a Netgear WGR614v2 (54mbps) wireless router in my house. I found the installation process confusing and the Netgear documentation was even more confusing, but I finally got it running. However, the Netgear router would crash from time to time, causing me to spend numerous hours with Netgear tech support, who weren't very helpful, and always trying to blame my DSL modem, my XP operating system, etc. I finally got fed up with the situation, bought a D-Link DI-624 wireless router, and hooked it up to my DSL modem. I found the installation process refreshingly easy and simple, and the DI-624 router works like a charm. Also, the other computers in my house found the DI-624's transmission strength stronger than that of the Netgear router. Needless to say, I've thrown out the Netgear router.

By billhanagami - Jan 25, 2004

Base on recommendations, I bought...

Base on recommendations, I bought the router and a wireless adapter for a second computer. Both are "g." Although they are just 85 feet apart in a single-story residence, I was very disappointed with the reception, which varies from about 5 mbps to 50, but mostly at the lower end of the scale.

By jvw7588 - Feb 20, 2004

Works for about 3.5 minute...

Strengths: none

Weakness: Works for about 3.5 minute intervals then disconnects. This product is the worst ever. Don't waste your money. Replaced with a Linksys, now wireless network NEVER disconnects.

Works for about 3.5 minute intervals then disconnects. This product is the worst ever. Don't waste your money. Replaced with a Linksys, now wireless network NEVER disconnects.

By bf_03 - Oct 1, 2004

I have had this product for about...

Strengths: No problems with this router after 3 years

Weakness: I had to purchase a DWLG800 to increase my range downstairs.

I have had this product for about 3 years now and have had very little problems with it. I do have one of the 4 ports not working, but for the most part, I feel this product lives up to expectation after a number of years.

By jmp; - Oct 27, 2006

This router was purchased as a...

Strengths: It works

Weakness: Cannot be used with any additional router, and Dlink's tech support was offensive, unhelpful, and inappropriate

This router was purchased as a "wireless suite" including software and a wireless card. I was attempting to install the network for my terminally ill mother so that she could still communicate with the world from her bed. DLink managed to ship the incorrect software and tech support maintained that they could not support the product because the software was a non-USA version. Got thru that after 1 1/2 hours of begging and escalation. Got the router installed. Worked fine on the desktop LAN connection, but the Windows 98SE laptop had to be within 2 feet of the router to get a signal. I was told by tech support that yes, this will work with a Windows 98SE machine, but not necessarily well. Fortunately, I had my XP laptop and started diagnosing (while still following DLink tech peoples instructions on the other machine). The XP machine outfitted with a Microsoft card performed flawlessly. The same machine could not get anything better than an average connection even within 3 feet of the router. Tech support agreed that the card was bad after 5 hours on the phone. They would NOT RMA a new part. I told them that I was trying to set this up for a terminally ill relative that cannot just go to the store to return the item, and I was flying out early in the morning. It fell on deaf ears. I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING BY DLINK AGAIN!!!!

By lducey - May 13, 2004

This product is well worth the...

Strengths: Easy install, great coverage, signal strength is excellent, Faster than 802.11b

Weakness: Security setup is somewhat confusing

This product is well worth the money. It provides excellent coverage inside and outside the house. It is easy to install and use right out of the box. If they could improve the security set-up it would be the perfect wireless router. Firewall and encryption are a bit confusing on this device.

By nteuscher - Oct 2, 2003

Don't buy it

Strengths: Has some nice features. (port mapping/forwarding)

Weakness: Reboots all the time

I started with an REV A. It rebooted all the time, got that replaced with a REV B, did the same thing. Now I have a REV C. It still reboots. VoIP doesn't work and neither does gaming when it reboots this much.

I replaced mine with another brand, The DLink is on the shelf now, and I won't buy another DLink product.

By alundgren - Sep 9, 2006

Being new to wireless, I was...

Strengths: As another reviewer mentioned, the signal strength of this unit is far better than I expected. I can communicate with my 2nd floor bedroom and backyard from my basement location (60-100 feet).

Weakness: Not nearly as fast as my CAT-5 100 Base-T wired connection. (But that's not fair...) It is plenty fast for most home based and small business systems. The speed decreases dramatically with distance.

Being new to wireless, I was impressed with the ease of the installation. No hitches or problems to solve. I was equally impressed with the ease and depth of the encryption techniques employed to help secure the system from undesirables. Cosmetically the unit installs vertically or horizontally and has a very professional look... even though it's plastic! The LEDs, although not bi colored, are extremely bright and fast reacting and will alert you to any unusual activity on the wired or wireless network very quickly. I was running an efficient (all metal and very professional looking) Netgear 314 with a broadband Internet connection before I purchased the Dlink DI-624 and so far I have had absolutely no problems with replacing it.

By jdshaw - Aug 14, 2003

Hardware failure

Strengths: None.

Weakness: Resets every 15 minutes. They lost my rebate.

After 2 months of near perfect performance this router started resetting at random. I was mortified. After looking into the problem I found out this router model is DEFECTIVE. Do a google search on 'DI-624 randomly resetting' and see what im talking about. If this product is offered to you free save yourself the migrane.

By Interpolation - Mar 2, 2006

This unit, as mentioned, relaces a...

Strengths: Setup on Win XP Home was quick and easy.This unit replaces a Linksys BEFW11S4 ver.2.

Weakness: None yet.

This unit, as mentioned, relaces a Linksys (my second one) which functioned well at times, but not with consistencey. The D-Link DI624 performed out of the box and the range is superb with the DI520 and DI650 I purchased with the DI624. Both installed easily. I think I will now have the stability I've lacked previously with Linksys. The Three Year Warranty is I hope, an indication of the manufacturer's faith in their product. The Quick Installation Guide was clearly written and easily followed.

By johnr43 - Jul 27, 2004

Had used Linksys units, they quit...

Strengths: Rock-solid performance, problem free.

Weakness: Was just a little harder to set up than other brands.

Had used Linksys units, they quit working just after warranty expired. This Netgear unit (one of several) is giving me none of the problems other brands have and is giving advertised throughput along with error free connections.

By adventureair - Feb 23, 2004

Twice their "second level" techs...

Strengths: If it won't work properly with AOL, zero.

Weakness: After reaching the higher level tech support twice I was still unable to get it working thru the unit's WAN port

Twice their "second level" techs told me that the D-Link DI-624 would not be able to work with my high speed broadband modem from AOL hooked up to the WAN port on the DI-624. They said I would have to hook-up my modem and nearby PC to the first two LAN ports. This means that the DI-624 is only acting as a switch and hardware firewall is bypassed because D-Link is not fully functional with AOL's software.
I finally called AOL's tech support and they confirmed this problem with D-Link's routers. AOL's tech mentioned several other make's of wireless routers that do have the firmware that will work with AOL that they could recommend.

By llebsag - Jul 9, 2004

Bought the D-Link DI624 to add to...

Strengths: Good signal strength Set up help from tech service

Weakness: Documentation

Bought the D-Link DI624 to add to an existing Linksys network. Found that the instructions were not intended for this type of setup. Called Tech service - waited 12 minutes - and got very specific help. The tech walked me through the setup and waited on line to see that it worked! Then he sent an E-mail to confirm our work and outlined the steps we used to set the unit up - in case I neened to go through it again sometime.

I now have the unit setting on the floor of an upstairs office and get "very good" to "excellent" signal strength over most of the house and on the back porch. How neat to be "online" while sitting outside!!!

BTW: I am using a Dell D600 with Dell's b/g network setup. I downloaded Dell's final G software before starting the setup.

I am very pleased with the operation of this combination of equipment. Would recommend it to anyone.

By rbaxter1 - Sep 13, 2003

I use this product in my home to...

Strengths: Lots of features, good price (with the rebate), great speed

Weakness: signal strength

I use this product in my home to connect my wireless laptop to my network. I really like the features, including the forwarding service. I have my settings all configured to allow my webpage service and still have the wireless.

I seem to have some problems with the wireless signal. I think this could be the location of the router. I have it stored underneath a desk, and the wall it is transmitting through has all my home theatre equipment on the other side.

Overall this router is a great price and does everything that a linksys would do. I will buy more D-link products in the future.

By cbrodine - Aug 17, 2004

DI-624+A (Bought in China)

Strengths: Reliable and Very Good Wireless Connection

Weakness: So far so gooood!

I bought this unit DI-624+A here in China for about 40 USD and it seems that this unit is not available to other markets outside this country. Well, all I can say is that this unit did not cause me a headache so far. We have 2 wireless Laptops connected at home using a 1MB ADSL connection provided by CNC. And I also connect to a VPN route during my work at home.

This unit is same with the Airplus G specs(I bought the 54MBps only). Because the 108 Mbps is way too much expensive as in more that double its cost. The unit has a black cover with silver trim on the side. And a D Link patch on top and it also has a silver sticker of D-Link which seems an original new version of DI-624 version. I suspect that this is another pirate version of D-Link from China but not sure though because I tried to search over the internet and I couldn't find this unit yet. (Could be really a new version release! hehehe)

Well, the good thing is that it does no cause me any troubles yet. Its my second week straight using this unit and so far sooo goood! Got no problems yet. Gtoodluck to me too becuase I'm not so confident that this wireless router would last for years. but if it does, well would recommend you to try this brand! Though, you need to buy it from China...

Thanks and Good Day!

By bagetz - Dec 25, 2006

This Router Is Not Stable

Strengths: Easy hook-up and configuration

Weakness: Network drops and technical support people do not have the clue how to troubleshoot

I have had this router for little over one year, so I have pretty good sense how this router works. If you are looking to buy this router DO NOT buy it. I have my PC connected through wire and my roommate connects it to her PC wirelessly. The problem I have had is that the network connection keeps dropping either on the wired PC or on the wireless PC. The network drops then it comes back. Sometimes the router works fine for a couple of hours without dropping the network.

I have made countless calls to my IP provider then the D-Link support back and forth to resolve this problem. The problem lies within the router. I did firmware upgrades and different configuration settings per D-Link support, who, by the way, are one of the worst technical support I dealt with in a long time. I am considering buying a new router but D-Link. If any of you have a suggestion which wireless router is the best or one of the best on the market, please post me a message. Many thanks!

By master6427 - Jun 8, 2006

Hate it! Will replace with another brand!

Strengths: Good software. One great support tech out of eight worked with; the rest are nice but ineffectual (trial and error).

Weakness: Poor distance through barriers, poor reliability, inconsistent support.

I replaced a Linksys old technology with this and had it RMA'd in the first month after extensive work with tech support. The first two levels of tech support were nice but led me in circles. When I reached the "third level" he was a delight, direct, and an instant solution, including apologizing for the errors of his subordinates. He sent a replacement and things were ok for six months. Ok means poor distance (I hard-wired my husband who's 100 feet away because he's was so frustrated.) My kid upstairs who has the D-Link's high-ticket Xtreme G card for the system hasn't had an adequate signal in months. My upstairs daughter is pirating the neighbor's signal. But the laptops work great. The router performed similarly after transfering to a new Dell about four months ago, so software/hardware compatibility didn't seem to be the limiting factor.

It "Died" again after about six months (no changes in system, configuration or environment) and I've spent three hours through three levels of tech again, all in circles (trying the same thing, try contradictory things, try things that make NO sense) who end up scratching their heads and finally offering a RMA replacement which I've declined. The company offers no other resolution. I'm buying something else, just for piece of mind.

Maybe it's bad karma, maybe it's the system. But Linksys worked great for years and had better distance with an older generation of technology.

By enduser - Dec 27, 2005

Thumbs Up

Strengths: Price. Features. Easy to set up. Speed.

Weakness: None I could think of.

Recently upgraded from Netgear 802.11B router to D-Link 802.11 Super G. The upgrade went smoothly and setting up this router is walking in the park. The set up wizard is very user-friendly. I would suggest anyone who thinks about purchasing this router or any router in this matter, download the latest firmware from the menufacturer FIRST before you upgrade the router. And the first thing you do when you first hook up the router is to upgrade the firmware immediately. This could solve a lot of potential problems. The router has been on 3 days straight without any reboot. It's very solid in term of reliability. Along with WPA2 support and various features not found in normal 802.11G router, I'm very impressed.

By Aristo - Oct 18, 2005


Strengths: Works well and is inexpensive.

Weakness: You can't be a quiter if you want to get it set up right. It is not foolproof.

Make sure you upgrade the firmware to the latest edition before you get going to set the router up. An update was released in the summer of 2005. You can get the latest firmware from DLINKs download site.

Also go to this site for the latest installation tips for both the router and the PC card. Follow the directions very closely for your particular PC operating system, router and installation.

After I scrupulously followed the above steps I have had no problems whatsoever. I am running the DI-624 in super G mode with 128 bit WEP encryption. My laptop has a DWL-G650 card. As with all computer stuff if you do anything wrong your system won't work right. To me it was an interesting project to set this stuff up. If it makes you crazy I suppose you should pay somebody to do it for you.

By ggovin - Sep 1, 2005


Strengths: Easy to set up. Easy to use.

Weakness: When a problem arose, phone support staff was less knowledgeable about computer networking than I was. Their sole purpose seemed to be to try to make me just go away.

I got my DI-624 just over a year ago and it was great. It ran for nearly 12 months without a hitch. Then I heard about a security hole that required a firmware update to patch. I applied the latest firmware from the website (2.76), and the router began rebooting itself more than a dozen times a day. I emailed for support. They told me to call in. I called in. Over the course of several calls, I was told to do everything from reapplying the firmware update (several times) to changing practically every setting in the router, all to no avail. After a month of this, I was finally "escalated" and issued an RMA. The replacement router arrived and guess what? It also reboots on its' own several times a day. Even though my D-Link is still under warranty for at least another year, I've given up and just bought another brand.

By kramsay - Jan 3, 2007

Not the greatest

Strengths: easy installation

Weakness: reliablity, performance

Bought DI-624 hoping it would work better then a router and modem in one, from D-link(don't remember #'s) that keept freezing, having to restart every day. DI-624 worked great for the first 4 months then it started doing what the other did. Downloaded latest firmware and no help, it got to the point where it had to be restarted ever hour, so enough was enough and i went and bought a Linksys router, hoping is going to be better. Also was not the greatest for signal strength. Just 15 feet away threw one wall, and signal strength on psp is just 75%, down fifteen steps and drops to 25%, unable to play online with PS3.

By Logand21 - Dec 12, 2006

cheap d link xtreme g

Strengths: cheap $15 router and looks like a good quality

i found this router online at for $115 and e suite internet security software. it has a $100 doller mail in rebate which expires 12/31/06 so im just letting you know and time is running out i will update on what i think once i buy the router

By dersaf227 - Dec 17, 2006

I bought this a week ago and...

Strengths: Good signal strength, security features are easy to implement.

Weakness: none

I bought this a week ago and haven't had any problems with it. Just plug it in, update the firmware from Dlink's site and set up the security features, and it was up and running. The Dlink DWL-G520 I bought to use with it though is a whole other story. It was a nightmare trying to get that card to work. Avoid the PCI card, but the router works great.

By drizzet1 - Aug 22, 2004

I have purchased this D-link...

Strengths: Signal strength, wireless connection is very stable (no dropped connections), good speed, lots of security features

Weakness: Initial setup may be bit tricky for beginners

I have purchased this D-link router after having a horrible experience with a Linksys 802.11B wireless gateway and Linksys WUSB11 USB wireless adapter. The connection dropped constantly (upto 5-6x/day!!) and I had to either reset the computer and/or reset the adapter. I initially replaced the router w/ D-link and kept the Linksys USB adapter; that improved the dropped wireless connections but did not eliminate it. Then I replaced the wireless adapter with D-link AirplusXtreme G card...........Voila!! haven't had a dropped signal and I had the card for over a week. I couldn't be happier. I was beginning to lose faith in wireless networking and was contemplating on drilling holes for wired connection. The reason for 4 stars is due to the fact that setup can be somewhat confusing and I'm not a total novice to hardware. Another issue is that I haven't tried playing online games yet.........that would be the ultimate test for its stability. (I've been using the hard-wired part for gaming so far, works flawlessly) Overall though, it's a wonderful product and with the recent rebates you can't go wrong.

By qwickie31 - Jun 18, 2004

got 105mbs speed with my laptop...

Strengths: once it is up it rocks if you have the AirPlus Xtreme G card

Weakness: you'll go mad if you don't go to the d-link website

got 105mbs speed with my laptop and AirPlus Xtreme G card. got 54 mbs with the built in adapter on same laptop. Compaq 3140us. Spent a over 2 hours setting up, but after going to the website set up was a breeze. words of advice upgradeing the firmware should be the 1st step taken. like i said before gho to and you'll love this router.

By JZ457 - Jul 26, 2004

I've owned this for a month now...

Strengths: Fast Speeds, Easy to Use, Well Designed, Reliable Wireless Connections, and low price.

Weakness: n/a

I've owned this for a month now and I've upgraded the firmware twice, once when I bought it, and another time just this past week. The most recent firmware allows for a pretty high boost in speed. I actually get more than twice the speed of what I was getting before. The reliability of the wireless connections are great as well. I've been happy with the whole DI-624 experience since I bought it a month ago.

By ed_rill - Oct 22, 2003

Had an odd problem that I gave up...

Strengths: Very easy to set up. Decent security with the 256 bit encryption key and the ability to allow \ block by MAC address.

Weakness: -It looks like it belongs inside something, not on the desk. -One odd DHCP problem.

Had an odd problem that I gave up on. Added a third PC via Ethernet and it would not issue an IP. Swapped cable, ports, dropped security... nothing worked. Went back with my Netgear and got an IP instantly.

By TEXUN - Sep 28, 2003

Poor connectivity. I have upgraded...

Strengths: I like the fact that it has WPA support and is easy to setup initially.

Weakness: I have had numerous discussions with the tech support group concerning the resetting of the router. Can't get cross- shipment of new router through RMA deptartment because of errors with Authorize.Net

Poor connectivity. I have upgraded my firmware on the router and loaded the latest drivers for the DWL G520 adapters and still, despite 4 calls to D-Link Tech Support, the three wireless PC's still disconnect sporadically. The support through D-Link has definitely been lack-luster to put it mildly. Oh, and yes tech support has deemed the router defective but have been trying to get RMA for over a week and still no satisfaction!!!!!!!

By cobrasc429 - Mar 26, 2004

One of my worst buys

Strengths: 1. Ease of installation and user interface for setup 2. Signal strength looks ok 3. Cheap mail in rebates for pushing the product.

Weakness: 1. Connection drops 2. Speed becomes very slow after 1-2 hrs of use 3) 108Mbps is possible only when using their wireless adapter. Buyer beware. In other words useless.

I have used this product for a significant amount of time. It was good for the first few months. Somehow the product performance deteriorates with time. I am not able to explain this.Since the performance has become so bad, I am forced to write this review.

Connection drops all of a sudden. Sometimes the response is just horrible. Have to wait for 2-5 secs before a page gets loaded. I have to goto the modem, pull the power and wait till it resets. Then performance is ok for few hours and then the same problem repeats. I am sick of this.

I tried diagnosing for 1) heat (it stands upright and good airflow)
2) Disabled Turbo/Super G.. no use.

Considering this is 50% costlier to its cousin with 54mpbs and this dosn't give its advertised value of 108mbps and useless performance this is one of my worst buys.

By hapless_user - Dec 31, 2006

If you need a stable connection - do NOT buy this

Strengths: cost

Weakness: Randomly reboots - ALOT (causing network disconnection)

If you are in the need for a wireless router that is stable, then this is not the one for you. Out of the box, it is nice, easy to set up, and takes maybe five minutes to get it all working. Unfortunately, this device continues to reboot on it's own, even with out other wireless devices being used. I have contacted D-Link "Tech Support" (nothing more than some one reading a script), and listened to their questions with out the person on the other end listening to the answers (example - "when the router reboots, I lose my VPN connection to work" - their reply "Do you lose access to the internet when it reboots?" We have done everything at least three times, and I am now fighting to get this thing returned for a refund, and start the hunt for another device.

By paratrooper_us - Dec 13, 2005

This is a very good router, too...

Strengths: Very easy to install, it took only about three minutes and my wireless network was up and running and it was also encrypted. Very good range, and stability.

Weakness: Still looking.

This is a very good router, too bad my card is a 54 mbps one, but i bet if i had the d-link wireless adapter that is capable for 108 mbps it would be a lot better.
Overall, i'm very happy with the purshase.

By salvicrashdrive - Dec 15, 2004

I live in a 2 story house and i am...

Strengths: Quick and easy to setup out the box. Excellent instructions also

Weakness: None yet

I live in a 2 story house and i am able to get excellent reception on every floor. I also purchased the G card for my labtop also. Very easy setup and configuration for WEP. So far i am very happy with my purchase..

By johnnyr600m - Jan 11, 2004

I have used Linksys Netgear...

Strengths: Just SUPERB!!!Out of the box nd working.Good signal strength all over my house.

Weakness: 108Mb upgrade not yet available.(For other revisions of the same product the upgrade is available for some time now)

I have used Linksys Netgear products that are very good. However as I came across the D-LINK router and Notebook adapters i found them to be somehow more stable and user-friendly.Constant upgrades from D-LINK improve the product and that is great.I have revision B.So Can't yet get the new 108Mb firware upgrade.Hope this will not last for long.

By arik11 - Nov 22, 2003

Purchased the D-Link as an update...

Weakness: Tech support reads a script. Why not put the script on the web and let customers save on thier long distance bills.

Purchased the D-Link as an update to a Linksys 802.11 wireless system. The d-link router installed like a charm. Almost a true no-brainer.

The DWL-G650 card used in a Dell Inspiron was a nightmare. I spent 1+ hour on the phone to get to Level 1 support. After he read his script (and that did not work) I was sent to level 2 support. TWO HOURS LATER, the rep was able to tweak the configurations we that there were good pings. I was more than a little hungry, so I wrapped up the call. The support reps final comment was to upgrade my BIOS.

The next day the ping rate was still good, but the applications (IE and Outlook) were still not communicating well; upgraded the biod and that did not help.

When I upgraded the drivers and that solved the problem.

---see comment on weaknesses-----

By herwil - Aug 9, 2003

I bought this product thinking 'Oh...

Strengths: extremely attractive price

Weakness: too many to name

I bought this product thinking 'Oh wow, what a good deal for a wireless 108mbps router!' It is a terrible product. As soon as I got it, and hooked it up, I thought everything was okay. Then I noticed that EVERY time I would leave the room (in other words, left the pc on with no internet activity) for 5 minutes or so, the connection wouldn't be available when I got back?! I emailed D-Link, who was no help. They had me go through this pain-staking process of changing just about EVERY setting on the stupid thing, and that helped.....for about 2-3 days. Finally, today I returned the router, and got the Linksys G with Speedbooster at Staples for about $70 after rebate, and it's a thing of beauty. And to think the only reason I decided to buy a wireless unit in the first place was to play Halo 2 online, without dragging a 50ft Cat5 upstairs.

By d3wyou - Feb 3, 2005

The DI-624 is one of the strongest...

Strengths: Very strong signal, leaves Linksys 54g in the dust.

Weakness: Non-compliance with Windows XP.

The DI-624 is one of the strongest signal wireless router I have tried. I tried the Linksys 54g first, but could not get a good signal only 80 feet from the router ( from the second floor to the first). This D-link is rated for 100 feet and delivers what it promises. I get 54Mbps at the 80 feet mark right now.

Only downside is that D-Link has there own signal strength meter, and when using the windows to configure, the connection drops now and then. When using the D-link wireless configurator, this problem does not seem to exist.
Overall a very good router.

By georgejoseph - Aug 3, 2003

This unit was the easiest to...

Strengths: Ease of Installation

Weakness: None as yet

This unit was the easiest to install. This is far superior to the much more expensive Linksys products. In addition, the Linksys Customer Service STINKS. I was routed to India and these people could not speak English. It was horrible. Dlink people were knowledgable and spoke impeccable English even for a newbee like me to understand. By far and away the BEST. In addition, my "b" wireless devices connected without a flaw. GREAT PRODUCT AT THE RIGHT PRICE.

By fruitful - Apr 30, 2004

I had gone online 1 month before...

Strengths: Quick setup,ease of use, and no problems, tech support

Weakness: none

I had gone online 1 month before purchasing this product, and read all the reveiws by users. I determined to call TechSupport before purchasing the product and found out that almost all the problems that people were complaining about were solved in the most recent revision of the product. One lesson I have learned over the years is never buy a first release and always check the manufacturers date of the product before buying. I am not saying do not buy online, but make sure what you are getting before purchasing it, especially when something cost a good amount of money. Also what I did was to use a bridge (DWL-G810) instead of the wireless pci card/pccard, because you can place a bridge, better than you can place your computer or desktop. Yes I am a little experienced in computers, but if anyone reads this, I hope that if you have had problems in the past, you will be able to take some of my ideas and let them work for yoursleves. By the way, I have always loved d-link products, and have never had problems, I just got a little side stepped using there products bedcause of companies that had deals with other companies. Sorry for the long comment, but I thought it was necessary to explain. I am not an MSCE or CNE or anything like that , but I have been using computers for over 20 years and am a Business Consultant. Enjoy D-link products!

By baconslice - Nov 7, 2004

It was easy to set it up. I...

Strengths: It was easy to set it up and the WEP encryption configuration was a breeze. The 3-year limited warranty is a big plus.

Weakness: I purchased this router yesterday, so I don't have any complaints so far. The encryption is too simple and it should be more sophisticated.

It was easy to set it up. I purchased this wireless router with the latest firmware, so I did not really have any problem with the set-up. All I had to do is plug everything in and it worked. WEP encryption was also straighforward and I was able to network my PCs at home. Although the encryption should be more sophisticated.
I recommend this router for those who don't have much experience with networking. The 3-year limited warranty is a big plus in case the router breaks or something happens to it.

By pepperhead - Dec 22, 2004

the initial install with the...

Strengths: technical support

Weakness: cofiguration reboot time. Switched wired ports not 10/100 only 10Mbps. Streaming audio/video stutters with DLink wireless PC card.

the initial install with the 108Mbps drivers was done immediately upon installation. Had problems where the wired switching ports were disconnecting and reconnecting my LAN card often for 1-2 seconds. Also the connection to the wireless card in my stationary PC would drop and not reconnect for sometime after 3 calls to TechSup corrected the dropping problem by reinstalling the firmware and reducing the MTUs to 1450, techsup was very helpful and wasnt interested in just getting me off the phone like other wireless techsup vendors (Linksys). Also changed the Super G to Static. Purchased the DWL-G520 card for my PC to eliminate the wired connection. Streaming video/audio often stutter on the wireless connection, dont recommend using wireless PC card if you can connect to the wired ports and use streaming video or music.

By globalsaloon - Feb 4, 2004

working well no problems

Strengths: excellent,working,and satisfactory,well DONE.


Had no information about what type off router to perchase contacted friend,manager of computer shop who recomended this router.seems to be working well,Had problem at first web going of on laptop put seperate protection on computers and scyncronized both no problem now have recomended to friends good product resonable price very good

By davidburke - Nov 24, 2005

Researched many routers before...

Strengths: Easy to set up and configure. Had my whole network configured including port forwarding in less than 15 minutes.

Weakness: no thus far

Researched many routers before choosing this one. Definately lives up to all the reviews. Setup was a snap and configuration was made easy with the wizard. Firmware upgrade was a simple download and install. Very user friendly router for home users yet feature packed for advanced network needs.

By razzamasnazz - Jan 30, 2004

DLink doesn't stay connected

Strengths: tech support (minus one experience), ease of installation

Weakness: loses connection daily and no matter what Tech Support does, it does not stay connected for more than 8-10 hours.

I tried two different products from dlink. The first was this one. install was great, until the next day when i found no signal. Reset the modem and router, only to have that repeat itself about 8 hours later.
Called tech support and reached a man who decided, after hearing my explanation of the problem, that he did not want to do tech support just then. He said verbatim (written down by me to pass along to managment) "Im sorry, but you will need to call back and talk with another technician. I dont feel like doing tech support right now." then he hung up. I called back and spoke with a manager who said he would review the phone logs, but that he didnt know anyone there who would do that. Right...anyway I was connected to a tech who had me reinstall the prodcut again. Worked fine. Until the next day. I repeated this (calling tech support) 3 more times, each time they changed settings. After the 3rd time I returned the product to the store and bought another brand which worked and stayed connected upon setup.

Fast forward to this week. Tried another Dlink product (the N version for greater wireless distance). Worked great the first how easy it is to install and get working...but the next day, No connectivity. This time I only allowed tech support 2 chances to fix it before returning the product to the store and buying the other big brand (linksys) with n compatibilities. It worked.

What made me go back to Dlink the second time around was their tech support. Its a shame to say, but I wont be buying a Dlink product unless they resolve the issue the router has with timing out, or dropping the connection.

By anonymous; - Oct 22, 2008

No more D-Link Products for me

Strengths: Some good features

Weakness: Never worked as advertised. Wouldn't keep date and time - etc. Tech support acknowledged problems but said there was no fix.

Out of the box my router never worked 100% correctly. It would not keep the correct date and time, some functions didn't work as described. I was told to update the firmware, but when I did, the new firmware introduced new and worse problems, so I stayed with the old firmware and its problems for over a year. When I finally decided to go to the latest firmware, it was a disaster. It filled my inbox with logs of TWINGE Attacks. I contacted Comcast and was told by them that they have only had complaints of this problem from D-Link users. They tried to set up a conference call with D-Link, but it didn't succeed. D-link was unable to deal with the problem and said they would replace the router. But the RMA department wouldn't do it until more trouble shooting was attempted. The tech who was supposed to do it couldn't deal with it and escalated to level 3. The Level 3 tech asked me to send some of the logs, which I did. I never received a response to that (sent 8/28/07). When I received no response, I sent an email asking why, but received no response to that.
Sept 18 I contacted D-Link again and was sent to a Level-2 person who then processed the paperwork to allow an RMA, and one was issued by the end of the day. When I read all the rules and procedures for the RMA I felt it was not worth the cost of postage to go any further. This is not a company I want to do business with. I'd rather go buy a new router from another company with better products and support.

By anonymous; - Sep 18, 2007

It's ok...BUT

Strengths: Works great where you are close to it

Weakness: Not so great far away...say 60'.

Works occassionally in the back bedrooms. If the doors are open, the signal will get in. Close the doors, and no signal, hence no online. You would think it would be able to get back there, the house is not that big.

By anonymous; - Feb 7, 2007

Dont Buy this unless you are a

Strengths: Doesnt matter as they are buggy

Weakness: Flaky.BUggy no words to describe

Dont buy. I used this for a week. VPN to my company does not work if I am wireless. Session is setup but outlook wont conect and drops in middle.

By anonymous; - Jan 2, 2007

Excellent Router

Strengths: Easy To Set Up, Stable, etc.,

Weakness: Factory default antenna is not the best for amplification of the Acess Point Signal Range.

As another poster stated, make sure that you upgrade with the latest firmware when you first set this up or you will run into problems. The Router works like a charm. The wireless connection is consistently stable and the Router Lives up to the 108mbps claim when matched with a D-Link card that supports that speed. One thing people need to be aware of. Interent speed is limited to 10-11 Mbps, so the 108 mbps only applies if you have a home network and are transferring files, otherwise you will not see any huge performance gain in Internet speed or transfer rates by using this router.

My only complaint about this router would be the default antenna that comes with it. You will likely have to invest in a higher gain antenna depending on what you plan to do with the Router. Keep in mind, the type of antenna will effect how far you can connect to wireless when you are away from your router, so this may or may not be a concern for you. Otherwise, I highly recommend this router.

By anonymous; - Dec 31, 2006

Router has terrible signal strength

Strengths: None that I see

Weakness: Signal strength is awful...

My computer is sitting less than 20 feet from the router and my wireless connection is poor... there is one wall between the 2 devices, with an open doorway... And.. trying to connect another computer that is 50 feet away, line of sight through 2 windows is impossible.... I am using all D-Link 108mbps products... I would never buy this brand again.. and now I'm very sorry that I cut up the boxes and sent in for my rebates.. I would rather send all the products back...

By anonymous; - Sep 17, 2006


Strengths: ??? Pretty Silver Box.

Weakness: Dropped IP address. No where near 108mbps. Firmware BLOWS - actually shuts off features "not compliant with 802.11g standards". Dropped signal. Needs to be rebooted every day.

Wow. What junk.
At first glance it looks to be feature packed...
But none of the features work. Super G? No Way.
Enhanced Signal? Bah!
This thing won't even hold a new password setting.
I changed the password and had to reset it and log in as ADMIN again and again. Total poopoo.

Go with LinkSys or someone else.

By anonymous; - Apr 24, 2006

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