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I have been using this thing for 3...

Strengths: It seems to give me a signal Approx. 150 ft. away through walls

Weakness: Slight increase in useable distance, not very effective but good enough for me

I have been using this thing for 3 months and it gives me a some what better signal on the other side of my house which is approx. 150 ft away through walls. It only gave me a slight benefit that you will not see if you use the signal to noise tester on your wifi card. A little expensive for what its worth. Also, these are my second pair because on my original pair the antennas got loose over time and fell over so there may be some design issues with this. But overall it did give me a better signal further away. as for the link speed, I noticed that that goes up and down with usage so don’t be alarmed if it is the same when you install these and don't use the connection, when you use your connection it will jump dramatically Mine did on WIFI G from 18 MBPS to 36 MBPS at times. Good product despite these minor issues.

By SLK_VIK - Jun 24, 2005

I read all the reviews, so I...

Strengths: Easy to Install

Weakness: Did not increase my router's signal strength that much

I read all the reviews, so I purchased these antennas fully aware that they may not work as well as I would have hoped. Therefore I wasn't as disappointed as I could have been, had I been expecting a whole lot more...OK, here's my review. I am trying to be as descriptive as possible to help others decide if they should buy these antennas. All situations are different--router location, house construction, wireless equipment used on the computer, etc...I have a Dell Latitude C610 with a 1.2Mhz PIII Processor, 768MB of RAM, with a Dell Truemobile 1300 Mini-PCI internal wireless B/G network card installed. The C610 has dual internal antennas, so naturally I have them both attached to the wireless card. My router is located in a finished, poured concrete basement about 10 feet from the southeast corner of my house. The house is frame construction with vinyl siding, and forced air HVAC. My Linksys WRT54G router is about 5 feet off the ground on my PC workdesk. I normally use my laptop either in the dining room on the first floor of the house, or the kitchen also on the first floor. As the crow flies, the dining room table is probably 12 feet from the router, and the kitchen table is about 25 feet from the router. The wireless signals have to pass by a lot of those metal HVAC vents on the way to the kitchen, and of course ceilings and walls up from the basement. Prior to installing the new antennas, I was receiving the following signal quality. DINING ROOM:
-39dBm, Signal description: Excellent, Connection Speed: 54MBPS. KITCHEN: -75dBm, Signal description: Low, Connection Speed: 24MBPS. I turned off the router. Installing the antennas was a breeze. I did not use the antenna stabilizer cross bar that comes with the new antennas, because then you can't point them in any direction except straight up, and I seem to get a little better reception when they are in a slight V-shape. I turned the router back on, and got the following signal quality: DINING ROOM: -39dBm, Signal description: Excellent, Connection Speed: 54MBPS. KITCHEN: -68dBm, Signal description: Very good (most of the time the wireless monitor refreshed. Occasionally it was low). Connection speed: 36MBPS. So you can draw your own conclusions from this review to decide if you have a similar situation, if buying these antennas is the thing to do. They did improve my reception in the kitchen. I am now connecting at 12MBPS faster and have a little better signal quality. I got these antennas from for $41.95 and free shipping. I saw one can pay a lot more for them at other places. Did they improve my signal strength $42.00 worth? I'll let you readers be the judge of that.

By pjtikkanen - Jan 29, 2005

Walls in my house are plaster,...

Strengths: Works great, trivial to install.

Weakness: Very expensive for the simple product that it is.

Walls in my house are plaster, which is held in place with steel mesh that's inside the walls. Wi-Fi connectivity in the house is just horrible as all the steel in the walls does an excellent job weakening the signal. I tried a couple of different routers and high-gain antennas – but without much success. I still had a few spots in the house where signal was unworkable. Including the spot where I like having my PC! HGA7T definitely did the trick for me, although my signal quality increased substantially only after I also installed a 7 dBi antenna on my network card in the PC (used HGA7S for that). I'm happy with this purchase but wish the price wasn't quite so high.

By mchomicz - Dec 6, 2004

I was attempting to improve the...

Strengths: Easy to install

Weakness: Doesn't work as advertised.

I was attempting to improve the signal strength for a wireless PC located 20 feet away from the transmitter. The use of these OVERPRICED antenni didn't improve the signal one bit. Please consider the seller's return policy BEFORE you purchase the HGA7T high gain antenna kit. You most likely will want to return it if it doesn't work for your application.

By rfermi - Dec 18, 2004

i bought these antenna's because i...

Strengths: easy to install

Weakness: not as powerful

i bought these antenna's because i needed to improve the singal from my upstairs office to my dining room about seventy five feet away it only improved it about ten percent i am disapointed

By jsol711 - Oct 15, 2004

Computer Programmer/Radio Tech

Strengths: Works exacty as stated.

Weakness: price

Most of the reviewers here need to adjust how their antennae are pointing. I worked in Radio Communications for quite some time. These will extend your range, and boost signal strength at current low spots. You need to learn how to point the antennae for the max gain. Straight antennas do not radiate out the tips of the antennas much. They radiate out the sides. Try placing them || if sitting on the same floor. -- If using on floors above or below. / may also be a good option. The testing equipment shows the same gains claimed by the package. Also laptop signal strength displays are often junk. Buy an oscope or spectrum analyzer if you want accurate readings.

By Aimus - Sep 26, 2006

Bought this antenna kit after...

Strengths: Easy to install; no configuration necessary

Weakness: Modest increase in LAN performance; no instructions for optimization of use

Bought this antenna kit after research-- and this site-- influenced me that it would be the easiest low-cost solution to my poor upstairs wireless connection to the 'net. The antenna kit seems to have made a difference, and I'm getting a stronger, more dependable signal from my Linksys B router. I think the price is high relative to the cost of the total network hardware, though; a new Speedbooster G router is only twenty bucks more.

By mprincipato - Jan 30, 2005

Good enough for those just out of...

Strengths: Did what I needed it to do but...

Weakness: was not as powerful as I would have liked.

Good enough for those just out of reach areas. Will not boost the signal as far as it states. Definatly very over priced. Even with the $5 off its not a good deal. Would not buy again. Getting the wap11 as a repeater does a much better job.

By gold3nman - Jan 27, 2005

I wasn't able to get access to my...

Strengths: my and out of site

Weakness: none

I wasn't able to get access to my wireless network three stories up. When I hooked these antenna's up I was able to get access. I know this item works

By psb2213 - Aug 30, 2004

Solid Gains

Strengths: Gain of 10db in some areas compared to comparable equipment

Weakness: none; decent price, excellent product

I have roughly 10 sma and tnc antennas ranging from +5dbi to +9dbi in various configurations laying around that I try and swap around until I can get the best combination. The best signal with my best antenna was -38 to -40db according to DD-WRT on my WRT54GL router (reprogrammed with custom firmware). I tried all of my antennas, positioned them differently and cranked up the xmit power from 28mW up to 70mW on my router (you can do this with DD-WRT) to get this -38 to -40db signal. I bought the HGA7T pair and instantly jumped to -28 to -30db... that is huge!! I haven't seen such a gain anywhere else. All of my other wireless equipment is sma do I didn't test these antennas with it but certainly with Linksys TNC connector based equipment this is an awesome product.

By iofast - Oct 3, 2006

I have trouble with my wireless...

Strengths: None

Weakness: Did not increase signal strength for me.

I have trouble with my wireless network reaching several places in my house. I was thinking about buying a range extender but decided to try these high gain antenna first. After installing them (easy to do) I walked around my house with my laptop to test the signal. I still had a low signal everywhere I did before; it didn't help any of them.

By phil41102 - Aug 15, 2004

There was a significant increase...

Strengths: Relatively inexpensive; easy installation

Weakness: Significantly increases size of router/access point

There was a significant increase in signal once installed. Suggest placing in high location. Simple installation and inexpensive upgrade for a router or access point that is already in place and to increase the range of your network.

By JATfasth2o - Jan 23, 2005

my house is less than 2000 square...

Strengths: easy to install, no tools needed

Weakness: did not improve the signal at all

my house is less than 2000 square feet. I tested the signal first before installing the new HGA7T. Then I tested the signal again after installing the new HGA7T. No improvement to the signal at all. The HGA7T might show improvements to the signal in an open space. But it does not seem to help much in between walls.

By heshnam - Jan 8, 2005

I am very unhappy with this...

Strengths: Easy to install.

Weakness: Made no difference in my signal strength at all.

I am very unhappy with this product. It was very easy to install, but it has given me no increase in my signal strength, whatsoever!! I cannot recommend this product, as it has not worked for me. I love the Linksys brand, and everything in my network is Linksys, but this has been the one and only dissapointment, I have ever had with Linksys.

By hurkaburk - Feb 6, 2005

Wireless range

Strengths: NO

Weakness: Doesn't work at all I'm going to return it right now

I boght it for my WRT54GC which is compact very small but doesn't have an antenna.So I expected to increase the range but no change at all (between no antena and this one which is supposed to be better than the small antena :) So I thinh it dosn't work at all ,and the connector is very bad after you plug it in you shouldn't move it or it will become loosen and the antena will fall.I experienced that when I open the antenna connector on the Router the signal strenght goes down so it may be something wrong with the router but anyway My advise is if you have WRT54GC don't try to buy any antennas because in this case they are unuseless.

By margaritgary - Nov 28, 2005

Befor i was getting like low...

Strengths: Easy to install, works as it's supposed to

Weakness: no.

Befor i was getting like low signal on the other side of my house upstairs put this and now i get very good.
This works slitly meaning if u have a bout like 5-20 feet of ur house or were ever low or if u go to the end of the ur house it might give u good to very good depending . this product boosts the signal but not for a nother 100 feet lets say like 20 or 15.

By Network Solution - Dec 29, 2004

Please, please listen to me these...

Strengths: I don't know if this has any so called strengths....

Weakness: No increase in range, I can't see where it does anything. My laptop has a signal strength meter...absolutly no change in reading.

Please, please listen to me these do nothing. Take your wife or girlfriend out to dinner. If you buy these your just flushing your money. I have other Linksys products and there great......beware of this!!!

By pcarfan - Mar 8, 2005

Linksys HighGain Antenna System

Strengths: I picked up 20 % Gain from my office, out to my den which is 50' away from my WRT54G Wireless Router............

Weakness: Could give be built wiht at the very least a 9db gain !

Overall, I'm faily pleased. considering I was able to pick up a packaged set on EBay for $19.99 plus $5.00 bucks shipping. No, I would not expend 60 bucks, but $25.00 to the door was a fair price.

I first considered a Range Expander, however learned that even though they offer a great range boost, they also cut your download speed completely in half. Before spending a hundred bucks, read the fine print. There is no one-all-do-all. I'd give the Antennas a shot first. Look on Ebay. $19.99............. Can't beat it. Model #HGA7T.

Oh, one more note: I tried several other brands of wireless Routers. They stink ! Stick with LinkSys !

Good luck all ;-)

By Truthfinder\'s Review; - Feb 17, 2007

Not Linksys as advertised, OEM substituted

Strengths: none

Weakness: doesn't work, signal strength declines when installed

I already wrote a scathing review of this transaction. Did you lose it? word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word

By anonymous; - Nov 1, 2007

Nominal signal boost provided

Strengths: Easy, screw in installation, appearance consistent with antennas originally provided with Linksys WRT54GL wireless router.

Weakness: Does not provide as much signal boost as hoped.

There is 30' of open hallway between the Linksys WRT54GL wireless router with high-gain antennas and laptop with Linksys WPC54G wireless PCMCIA adapter. The original antennas yielded 20% signal strength and 10-20% quality. The new high-gain antennas yield 40% signal strength and 30-40% quality. I had hoped for something closer to 100%/100% over the span of 30'.

A critical factor is the position of the laptop. Total signal loss occurs as often as I shift positions of the laptop. Note that the area I use the laptop, the PCMCIA adapter is on the far side of the laptop from the antennas - specifically, the PCMCIA adapter plugs into the right side of the laptop, and the router is 30' down the hall to my left. This setup is clearly "line of sight" - hardly the picture of wireless range/connectivity as shown in the manufacturers illustrations of coverage.

If the router, cable modem and wiring setup wasn't so unsightly, I'd relocate it somewhere in the living room where the laptop is used and there would be line-of-sight connectivity.

Perhaps it should simply be said that the high-gain antennas provide double the signal strength over the original antennas.

By jhelser - Feb 5, 2007

HGA7T Router Antennas

Strengths: These ant. provide a modest increase in signal strength and do as advertised. A good short distance solution.

Weakness: None

Product does what it was designed to do, it will give aan approx. 10-20 mps gain over a short distance, 30-60 ft. If you require more than this you need to spend a bit more cash. For the price it did what I was expecting.

By dclements31 - Dec 28, 2006

High Gain or Small Gain?

Strengths: Easy to hookup

Weakness: not much bang for the buck

I installed this antenna so my neighbor could share my network. His house is very close to mine. He could already receive a very weak signal from my Linksys's wireless router most of the time so I hoped this would help him receive better then a "low signal". He now can receive about one bar better then before but its still rated " weak "on the signal meter. To sum it up,it will add a little more coverage but not much! Don't expect a miracle!

By tbug6969 - Dec 14, 2006

Review the product (HGA7T - High Gain Antenna Kit for TNC Connectors) you recently purchased.

Strengths: Well made and improved home PC signal from low to good.

Weakness: None

I thought that I was buying the Linksys branded version, but it was the OEM version (copy). However, the unit Works fine. The price was very good. Has my recommendation.

By jferrigno - Sep 24, 2006

Hire monkeys instead!

Strengths: Certainly not the signal... I suppose it's easy to attach...


A band of monkeys would do a better and fast job of relaying info back and forth from your wrt. The wrt's broadcast at 2.4 ghz. If you put an antenna on them, it's still broadcasting at 2.4ghz. I suppose if you live in an appartment or something, it might just help it get over that one aluminum panel on the side of your house after experimenting for hours. Didn't do squat for our netwrok... I guess I'm not really surprised though....

By Zogomusic - Sep 9, 2006


Strengths: Increase signal strength, to a degree.

Weakness: The performance does not justify the exorbitant cost. These should be the *standard* linksys router antennas. Sync issues continue - i.e. deadspots.

I was aware of the somewhat negative reviews and the marginal performance enhancement. That said, I needed an improvement and this was the way I acheived it, to a small degree. Was that small degree worth the price? Not really.

I use this in conjuction with a high gain on my pci card (which works better fyi). I would say that the end result was in packet delivery, i.e., less lost packets as well as a somewhat enhanced speed as such.

Please be aware that if you are happy with your current wifi setup - you don't have deadspots or they don't appear out of nowhere - buying this product is not worth it.

By semivoid - Mar 29, 2006

High Gain Antenna Kit

I purchased it off the clearance rack at Walmrt yestery for $1.00, it was regualy $49.94, have not connected it yet; however, would not rush to bu for regualr price if I were you.

By anonymous; - Jan 19, 2006

Loved it greatly

Strengths: this puppy nearly added 100 feet to my range and is exceptionaly reliable, a must have for wifi pro's

Weakness: none so far aside from the bigger use of room, but thats a given

after reading most replys about not being happy with this antenna I figured to post, simply because I felt this item greatly under used, first-off, you need to have access to a modded firmware which allows you to control the power to both antennas, then you install them and adjust the power accordingly, simple and extreamly effective
I have a WRT54G Hardware ver. 2 and I couldn't be more greatful for this items proformance

By anonymous; - Jan 14, 2006

Don't waste your money

Strengths: None

Weakness: Cost & Ineffectiveness

Please read the reviews, as I am going to mirror what others have said. I bought this product because my son's computer was only receiving a low (2-bar) reading on the signal. I installed these antennas, and he still only received a low, 2-bar signal. I left them plugged in for a while, came back, and nothng changed. It didn't increase the signal AT ALL. Not even a little. I can't believe they are still selling these, and at over $50. I took them back, got my money back, and will look into another router to place in another location in the house.

By anonymous; - Dec 30, 2005

I bought this to improve current...

Strengths: Extended coverage area by about 20 feet

Weakness: Not powerful enough as advertised.

I bought this to improve current coverage area for about 30 feet but was disappointed with it. I had to buy an access point in addition to this antenna.

By sardarji - Jun 25, 2005