HOMELITE Homelite 26cc Straight Shaft Trimmer

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The Homelite Gas Straight Shaft Trimmer combines a powerful 26cc 2 Cycle Engine motor and a 17 Cutting Swath that makes it ideal for small lots and properties


Product Title: HOMELITE Homelite 26cc Straight Shaft Trimmer

Manufacturer: HOMELITE

Power Score: 2.4 | 100 Reviews

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Hard to run

I'm amazed that Home Depot continues to sell this unit. Just like every other reviews says. Hard, very hard to get started and even harder to keep running. I love Home Depot I'm a Commercial Card holder.

By CTMIAMI on Home Depot - Jun 16, 2013

piece of junk

Below poor bought this spring start once and thats it

By hd554 on Home Depot - Jun 2, 2013

Homelite model UT32655A Solid 1 piece shaft, tall box

Despite continuously abusing my 5 years old Homelite (using 2 y.o. fuel mix, never following instruction on how to start it, leaving it outside in the snow and rain, storing it with fuel still in it), it still worked till Sandy storm killed it. It was however very hard to start. I was wondering with the new Homelite if I followed starting instruction and used known good fuel mix, would it be any...
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By NYHOMEOWNER on Home Depot - May 27, 2013

Giving it 4 stars... for now!

Although the reviews aren't all that good, i went ahead and got this today. I was deciding between the Echo for $199, Toro for $169 and this for $94 i think. I wanted a trimmer that could use Ryobi heads and this one fit the bill, also the toro accepts those attachments as well. The echo attachments are more expensive. It was easy to start, first pull! But the head did not rotate right away and...
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By bdgo on Home Depot - May 11, 2013


I bought this trimmer in the spring of 2012 and it is an absolute pile of garbage. I have many other types of power equipment and they are all maintained and reliable. Now I have to go buy another trimmer and I can tell you, I will walk past ANYTHING with the name HOMELITE. Junk.

By on Home Depot - Apr 29, 2013

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