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Strengths: This Lawn Tractor has excellent power & great motor. It is quiet, easy to use and has quality to it's build.

Weakness: Cruise Control and Brake Lock buttons are a little chincy.

This lawn mower is a great buy. I have had this since May of 2006, and the mower has over 40 hours on it now. Although I thought the controls for the Brake Lock and Cruise Control were a little weak, they were still better than the John Deere that I looked at and the JD was $200.00 more. I also was a little worried about the foot pedal drive, but I grew to love it after just a couple mows. The deck is really easy to take off if you plan to haul a trailer (which I do) to move loam or mulch around the yard. The tractor handles great too I used it to move at least 40 yards of wood chips to an area behind my house that has lots of trees and the tractor maneuvered very well with the trailer (deck off). So far I have absolutely no regrets. Also while shopping around I noticed that the Cub Cadet triple blade system is the exact same (since MTD owns both). The system makes for even cuts, even on a bumpy lawn.

By BONGOWIT - Jun 6, 2007

Price and performance.

Strengths: Powerful 20 horse Kohler engine. Three blade cutting system for higher lift. Sturdy build.

Weakness: No front bumper. Cutting deck lever has a lot of tension on it due to the heavy deck. Cruise control is kind of out of the way.

This mower is a fairly quiet mower with the 20 Horse Courage Kohler engine. The steering is easy for a no power steering. Cutting radius is as advertised maybe a little tighter. At first I thought the controls were going to be a little more work, but once I mowed with it I found them to be quite easy and quick. The seat sits high so when mowing you can see a little more of the front area for closer cuts. The deck lever is a bit firm due to the weight of the deck. A smaller lady may have trouble lifting this repeatedly for uneven lawns. I found it fine for my needs. The turn key reverse is a nice feature in which you can simply leave on for the duration of your cutting session. The three gallon tank is nice compared to my old mower. Cruise control is kinda out of the way, they could have placed it a little higher. Build quality is good. The metal is god and thick and is probably why the cutting deck is heavy. The engine cover is plastic and may break easy if rammed into something by accident. All in all the mower feels great. But I maybe just used to my old Weed Eater brand mower which is almost 10 years old.

By rjasonsmith - Mar 18, 2006

LX460 Lawn Tractor

Strengths: Motor,

Weakness: Many,Mowing deck.Plastic hand grips,that broke to easily

When l spent the kind of money,that l did on this lawn tractor,I have been sorely disappointed.First thing that broke was throttle spring after 2 cuts 1 1/2 acres.Took it to autorized dealer,cost me $30.00 dollars SURCHARGE just for them to look at the mower,spring was $13.00,plus labor to put it on after a 2 week wait.Called Toro and was told that they stand behind there dealers.3 springs,4 belts,tires that won't stay infalted,removal of mowing deck to many times to remember.I bought this late 2007,and have nothing but trouble and money spent on what once was a "GOOD NAME".Anyone want to buy a slightly used Mower.I've got one for sale.

By Nomotoro - Jul 30, 2010

Toro LX460

Strengths: pretty

Weakness: Bolt that holds pulley(pivot bolt?) to deck breaks FREQUENTYLY. Doesn't run anywhere near as fast as it did when I first got it.

Bolt on deck that holds pulley in has broken 2x's to the point where I ordered 4 last time I ordered. Thank God I did because 2 months later and it just broke again. There must be way too much tension on it. I thought maybe the lawnmower guy put the wrong belt on when it broke but this time I ordered the part number from the manual right from the dealer. I don't know what the deal is but honestly before I bought another brand new tractor I would buy a used one. We spent around $1600 on this and to me it was a mistake.

By lihartke - Oct 19, 2012

As listed below

Strengths: None

Tire deflated immediately, belt wore out at 9 operating hours. Home Depot claimed this was a wear item. Paid them $120 to fix defective idler pulley+mount +belt. Mower came back unfixed with mechanic's tools laying on the deck and parts missing. Sent back tools in a bag with repair instructions off Web. Mechanic keyed my hood in spite and mower came back still unfixed. HD was supposed to order the parts at cost so I could fix myself. Went back&they didn't know who I was. Bought my parts elsewhere and fixed myself with heavier proper mower belt even though I paid for the fix. Carb needed $90 rebuild at 20 hours, safety brake releases on slope; headlight reflectors are aluminum foil; disconnected lights due to shorting; emblems fell of. No hood latch; hood blew off machine into oncoming traffic while I was transporting on my truck. Now belt -engage pivot bolt broke off - cheap steel. Blade ends fletched again cheap steel. Why can't I give a - rating?

By anonymous; - Oct 3, 2011

Toro LX 460

Strengths: nice looking, good power, sturdy deck, adjustable seat

Weakness: No front bumper, some drive belts are not listed as "not customer serviceable", headlights are not effective.

I use the mower 3 times now. I mow about an acre of mixed terrain each week.

It turns and mows around obstacles quite well, it mows evenly and runs quietly. I do like the feature that lets you reverse with the blades engaged. That helps a lot. I also like the adjustable seat.

I wish it had a front bumper of some sort. I tend to bang into things when in tight spaces. That front end is just waiting to be cracked.

I also wish the headlights were either brighter or lower on the mower so more area righ in front was lit while mowing in darker conditions.

Over all I'm happy with the mower. It is value priced for a name brand mower and it is drastically better than my old 38 inch Bolens.

By anonymous; - Apr 6, 2006