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Vista Ultimate x64 rocks the rest of world on its ear...

Strengths: Most complete OS solution ever offered to the world. Extensive included software makes much additional unnecessary.

Weakness: Requires a newer system with supported hardware.

Vista Ultimate x64 is without a doubt the most advanced OS available to home users. Its function provides a 32-bit folder for 32-bit compatibility, but a 64-bit processor is necessary. Never before has Microsoft issued a new release with so many included hardware drivers. Even Manufacturers have updated their older hardware support with unprecedented speed.

Worried about programs in Vista 32-bit not working in Vista 64-bit? Forget it, everything works.

Ultimate x64 is just that. There is no better OS for the functions it will perform, and it includes everything provided in Vista Ultimate 32-bit - only with more. Just use the Online "Upgrade Advisor" to find any issues. Make the proper upgrades if needed and install the software. You only need to put any 64-bit hardware support drivers to a disk or USB drive and load it and the Vista DVD. Be sure to use the Online Support feature as Vista installs. This will insure a faster install with all needed drivers. After the install, use the Device Manager to check all is in order. Once any problems are corrected, Vista Ultimate x64 will perform flawlessly. If you don't know how to do software and hardware changes, any competent service center can make any needed changes and do the install. Vista Ultimate x64 currently has little virus scanner support. Free Avast or Avast Professional can quickly take care of that. Enjoy Vista Ultimate x64 with the knowledge you have the most advanced and best consumer solution available to users everywhere - if you have a computer capable of running it. Just be sure to use it on a more advanced hardware system.

By AlexanderAkulick - Apr 28, 2007

Good product

Strengths: Good value, easy install.

Weakness: None so far.

I got Windows Vista x64 Ultimate for about $200. It is cheaper because the version is for system builders. And I am a system builder myself.

Installation is a snap – I wipe out the old OS and put a new one on in about 45 minutes (I did this on a 3Ghz P4 Dell box).

Vista still has some glitches, but overall it's fine. You need it for the newer gaming platform (i.e. Games For Windows).

By jinyu1 - Apr 3, 2007

Pretty Good OS

Strengths: 64-bit security, runs every program so far

Weakness: hardware compatibility issues

I actually ordered the 64-bit Vista by accident but after loading it on a freshly built quad core computer, I was quite pleased with it. I haven't found a program that it won't run yet, and it loads faster than any windows o/s I've ever seen. A few hardware problems with the lack of 64-bit drivers but I'll probably upgrade the older cards with new ones. Otherwise, a great o/s with room to grow!

By Contestking - Aug 26, 2007

Windows Vista Ultimate

Strengths: gives you more usage of the computer

Weakness: uses a lot of memory

Great product,the ultimate wraps alot of products into one piece of software. This software requires a lot of memory and and other stuff so check your memory and other stuff.

By kumpterboy - May 13, 2007